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HS Dynamic Energy Co.Ltd.


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HS Dynamic Energy is a high-tech renewable energy equipment supplier and project solution provider. ? ? We supply hydro power system, wind power system, solar power system and other renewable energy facilities. We mainly supply hydraulic turbines system such as Kaplan Turbine, Propeller turbine, Francis Turbine and Pelton Turbine, Turgo Turbine and so on, also with Speed Governor, Generator, Valves, Excitation system and its other accessories. Our hydro system?turbine and generator assembly system has some patent on it, which is easy to install and maintain, and this system just need one floor power house, it will save you lots of money on hydro foundation construction. The Hydroelectric System can be determined based on your local situation of the project. Sincerely hope that you can provide more related information about your projects, and then we can provide the suitable solution for you. We also can provide micro hydraulic turbine for remote district, more detail can help for yo... [Details]

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